Friday, January 28, 2011

4 when the job intolerable psychological

Today, finding a job is a worry to many difficult problems unemployed people can not find satisfying jobs easily bring anxiety, suffer from psychological imbalance, emotional disorders, mental and physical fatigue and other issues, the subjective and the huge gap between the reality of work, etc. other, leading to loss of confidence in the future. So, now that the difficult employment situation, in order to find a good job to overcome those psychological barriers it?
1, inferior mental timid
Some students came to college four years successfully, and also have a certain strength and advantages, the face of fierce competition, but this does not feel it is not as others. Inferiority complex, lack of competition in them the courage, lack of self-confidence, timid heart into the job market, going to job interviews nervous. Once the half-way setbacks, but the lack of mental capacity, always feel that they do not. Careers in the fierce competition, this psychological barrier is the enemy of success.
2, the blind confidence of psychological
Some students think they have many advantages in choosing a career, such as academic excellence, and political conditions are good, the school brand of bright, busy professional needs, job opportunities widely, so blindly confident, career appetite hanging very high, often because of their own end overestimate their own inadequacies and underestimated the difficulties in choosing a career setback.
3, worry about the outcome of psychological
Career choices is also often an accurate grasp of the opportunities. Missed opportunities, and success is often missed. When broken constantly, thinking, this mountain that looks high, often leading to misunderstanding many graduates into careers as a psychological barrier.
4, the quick success of psychological
Some students when choosing a career over-emphasis on status, over-emphasis on benefits, one would like into the big cities, large bodies, to the coastal developed areas, to earn more, pay good unit, and even to temporarily abandon the utilitarian rather learned profession, would rather not have accounts, not subject to distribution. This psychology may make you get some immediate benefits and satisfaction, but I am afraid to see long-term development is not a wise choice. how do i lose weight fast
When looking for work, there must be a good state of mind, low self-esteem, cowardly, blind self-confidence, self as aloof, thinking, quick success, etc., are all these psychological adverse effects on employment would easily lead to job failure. You know, there will only pay the return job search when the eyes can not be too shallow, and should long-term perspective to measure whether the work for you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eating bananas everyday can be far away from diseases

In all of the fruit, the banana has the most "mysterious" color. According to legend, the Buddha Sakyamuni is because eat it, has gained a lot of wisdom, therefore, the banana is assigned to the "wisdom of the fruit" of the name.
Comprehensive national research nutritionist, a banana in the end proved to the world how "one is a treasure", as the fruit of choice for athletes, should be added to the list of diet were. Its effectiveness can even "a banana a day keep the doctor away" to describe. Nutrition Society, chairman of Tianjin, also told reporters that pay cash, such as banana nutritional value "should not be overlooked," can indeed help alleviate some symptoms.
This is not to alleviate the suffering of outsiders Road, may be best known for the effectiveness of the banana. Pay cash as explained, this is because bananas contain a lot of dietary fiber, can help stimulate bowel movements, especially the elderly is of great benefit.

How to eat tomatoes can prevent cancer?

The results show that, in a variety of natural carotene, lycopene, the strongest scavenging reactive oxygen species, with the prevention of prostate cancer, lung cancer and other epithelial cancer. In human blood, the concentration of lycopene is inversely proportional to the incidence of cancer.
Tomato contains 20 kinds of carotenoids, such as α-carotene, β carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, lycopene accounts for about 80% to 90%. We can say that tomato is lycopene, a natural warehouse.
Italian scholars in 1994, 2706, digestive tract cancer patients were compared with the 2879 study found that normal, increased tomato intake has a protective effect on the digestive tract. Compared with people who do not eat tomatoes, tomato who eat at least a chance of occurrence of digestive tract cancer can be reduced by 50%.
Harvard School of Public Health study of 48,000 men who eat more than 46 kinds of fruits and vegetables, for a period of 4 years of follow-up study found that eating at least 10 tomatoes per week products, such as tomatoes, tomato sauce and pizza sauce man , reduce the chances of prostate cancer, 34%. Concentrations of lycopene with a lower body than women with high concentration of lycopene in vivo cervical cancer in women is relatively small.

Eat shepherd 's-purse can treat the dry eyes

Shepherd's Purse called Haruna, alias wild chestnut, to vegetables, grass care, heart-shaped vegetables, growing in fields, roadsides and gardens, Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western nutrition and diet experts Wangdong Xu, deputy chief physician, said there is heat to stop bleeding Shepherd's Purse , Liver eyesight, swelling of the diuretic effect. "Doctors do not record" made its "primary benefit qi, and the"; "food by" words and "fill the Heart"; "Lu Chuan Materia Medica" made its "swelling detoxification, treatment furuncle, red eyes." Shepherd's purse contains a lot of carotene, B vitamins and vitamin C, calcium, iron content is higher. Compared with common vegetables in the spring, shepherd's purse of oxalic acid was relatively low, so the shepherd's purse of calcium, iron and other substances and are more easily absorbed by the body.
Office workers prone to dry eye, shepherd's purse is rich in carotene, eat shepherd's purse can prevent dry eye, dry eyes can also reduce the discomfort of the symptoms. The shepherd's purse of cool, spleen and stomach were unfit for human consumption, particularly amorphous stool, loose stools are frequent.
Shepherd's purse are many therapeutic methods, can be fried, can be boiled, can be stewed, can for filling, are fresh and delicious, unique flavor. Wang Dongxu particular, we recommend the following three shepherd's purse to the therapeutic side, readers may wish to try.

Football fans should eat at least one apple every day

According to reports, U.S. scientists suggest that during the World Cup fans eat an apple a day good for their heart health to avoid watching too excited and lead to physical harm.
Fans stay up late watching the World Cup upset the body's natural biological clock, sleep enough, the natural body resistance weakened, are susceptible to various diseases of the attack.
At the same time, when the fans see their favorite team play is a general excitement: sometimes exultant, excited; sometimes dejected, kicked cursed, or even destroy physical injury.
There is a proverb in the West: An apple a day keeps the doctor away can make his life. Each apple contains approximately the daily recommended amount of vitamin C 13%. Scientists at the University of California, through long-term study found that apple is rich in something called "flavonoids" in the compound, this substance can delay cell aging, prevent heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. In addition, Apple also has anti-fatigue and enhance physical effect. Apple can inhibit the activity of tartar and the growth of oral bacteria with corrosion effect, can protect the teeth, you can also make the skin white and tender, to prevent the formation of melanin, a cosmetic effect. Therefore, based on these results, the scientists suggested fans might eat an apple a day.

Animal oil is suitable for frying

Animal oil is animal fat, animal oil to lard represented, including more saturated fat and cholesterol. Excessive consumption can lead to hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and cerebrovascular accident, on the human body adversely. However, a more fragrant smell of animal fat, with the promotion of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and so the absorption. In addition, cholesterol in animal oil or an essential component of human tissue cells, the synthesis of bile and certain hormones important raw materials.
The food experts, all grease from the smoke point temperature varies for the different oils used in cooking temperature. In general, the higher the smoke point from the oil more stable at high temperatures, easy to produce harmful substances, are not easy to turn black. From the oil temperature is low smoke point, such as olive oil, soybean oil, linseed oil, stir-fried or fried inappropriate fire, and mixed salad or cooked oil is more healthy way.
If a traditional stir-fried, then choose from medium to high smoke point of oil, such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and so on. Animal oil from the highest smoke point, making it ideal for frying food. But should be noted that the repeated use of frying oil is best not to, you can pour some oil in a small pot, a small number of food points to blow, both to save and healthy.

Decline staple food for a long time may cause amnesia

To fat the "culprit" is not simply a staple of the total heat, long-term lack of staple food will lead to muscle weakness or memory loss.
To the gym every day after work is Ali used for many years, the rush, Ali's dinner usually stay in the gym after eating, and fitness in order to maintain the "fruits", Ali Jian behind the refusal of rice, noodles and all starchy foods, eat fruits and drink yogurt. Reporter found that such a diet Ali from a very popular in white-collar workers in "low-carb diet." This approach does not advocate consumption of rice, pasta, bread and other staple foods with high starch content, while increasing intake of high-protein food in order to achieve rapid weight loss results.
A few years later, Ali's body remain very slim indeed, but in a recent physical examination, she was found to anemia, and after the end of each movement, Ali will feel muscle weakness, the people are very tired .
In response, experts said, which may be her long-term lack of carbohydrates on eating. Experts stressed that: "In the exercise and diet nutrition supplies in addition to the amount of protein, fat and water, the most important is the carbohydrate supplement." And study abroad that the lack of carbohydrates may cause long-term memory loss, even loss of memory .